Armourphragm™ drumhead impact pads

• Made of polycarbonate film with high-strength adhesive backing.

Customize your drumheads with Batter Badges for protection, sound control and style!



Batter Badge vented impact pads have patented Armourphragm™ designs that protect your drumheads and enhance their tonal characteristics. The unique peripheral edges and die-cut holes of the Batter Badge designs allow "Badges" to flex with the drumhead it is placed upon, preserving the "sweet spot" where it is struck. Drummers can play without worry of denting drumheads, and can place a Batter Badge exactly where the most strikes are made, really letting a drummer customize their drum sound.

The unique patented vented shapes enhance drumhead sound without muffling, allowing the drumhead to flex and resonate while controlling excessive overtones and ring.


...Heavy play and harder strikes do not affect the tough, dent resistant, exclusive proprietary films Slug uses for their Batter Badge designs. Badges improve strike articulation and control drumhead distortion. Using a Batter Badge on a bass drumhead will noticeably increase the "punch" and focus the sound of the foot pedal beater.


Powerful sound projection is achieved when using a Batter Badge due to the diaphragm they create on drumheads.

. Unique drumhead-Badge combinations can now be created by drummers for an endless variety of new sonic and visual possibilities with their drums. Thinner, single ply drumheads can be used with Batter Badges by drummers that normally could only use limited selections of double-ply drumheads or pre-made dot-heads for durability.

Batter Badges create new sound options and provide tonal control, plus they save time and money because of less frequently needed drumhead changes. A Batter Badge will extend your drumhead's life, protecting the "sweet spot" where you place it.

...Patented features of vents and "Power-Flex" arms are exclusive only to Slug Batter Badges. Our clear polycarbonate film used on the Badges is the same material used for bullet proof glass. Batter Badges range in thickness from .007" to .020" depending on the model.

Batter Badge impact pads will protect your drumheads from playing damage, while extending their life and enhancing your drum sound without any sonic sacrifice.

...Batter Badges perform best with any uncoated drumheads, and on quality coated drumhead brands. The high stregth adhesive backing of the Batter Badge is from 3M and will bond permanently to the drumhead surface when properly applied, making it part of the drumhead for it's entire playing life. Batter Badges improve strike articulation of mallets, sticks and beaters.

Trust in the Slug brand name, your assurance of a quality drummer designed product made in the United States since 1995.


Use Batter Badges on your drumheads for improved durability and sound control!

Batter Badges protect and enhance drumhead performance.

BB-TP Triad Pad |BB-535 Bass | BB-DBL Double Bass | BB-675 Tom | BB-STR Snare | BB-550 Uni-Badge

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