Registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office # 5,986,196

Model BB-535 . Single Kick Armourphragm

NEW Improved Design!

• Protects bass drumhead without muffling sound
• Features larger 'sweet spot' for more beater contact adjustability
• Vented six arm shape allows drumhead to flex from beater contact
• Increases attack and "punchiness" of beater strike
Actual Size: 5.35" diameter / .020" polycarbonate film
Graphic Color: Red

Suggested Retail Price: $13.95



BB-535 single pack

The BB-535 is an Armourphragm for use on bass drumheads with single beater foot pedals. Made of heavy gauge .020" thick clear Polycarbonate film for greatest durability. Patented vented design protects drumhead, improving strike articulation and increasing attack and "punch". Extended six arm design allows the drumhead to flex more naturally and does not muffle the sound of the drum.

Recommended with the Slug Power Head pedal beater for ultimate bass drum performance.


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Batter Badge Armourphragms are also designed for double-kick, toms and snare drumheads.

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