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Snare Star

Made of polycarbonate film to protect your snare head, increase stick attack, control ring, and gate overtones.

Actual Size: 6.88" • diameter / .007" thick • Graphic Color: Silver • Retail Price: $9.95


The original Vented Impact Pad for snare drums. Patented Armourphragm™ design improves strike articulation, and gates unwanted ring and overtones without muffling the snare. 4 inch central strike zone with 5-Arm design facilitates rudiment playing patterns. Made of very thin clear .007" polycarbonate film, ideal for maximum snare drum response with best possible protection.

Use on 13" or larger diameter drums. Tremendous results when used with metal snares! For even more gate and snare drumhead protection, consider the Uni-Badge as well for heavier play. Mounts on top or underneath drum head with high strength adhesive backing.




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Position the Snare Star on the snare drum slightly high, off center. This better accomodates the length of your drumsticks for more natural sticking feel, especially on harder rim-shots where you utilize the full length of the stick for power.


How to play the Snare Star™

You can get a variety of different sounds out of your snare depending on where you strike it, the force of the strike, and if you hit the rim or not. This specially designed Batter Badge model protects the drumhead and allows the drummer to have more dynamic sound control. From rain drop quiet buzz rolls to cannon loud rim-shots, the BB-STR stretches the limits of a snare drum's sound capability, creating a larger sound palette for the drummer to create music.


Strikes in position (1) off of the Badge will be gated from the two surrounding arms, ideal for ghost notes and shuffle pattern clarity. Position (1) will limit some ring on rimshots. Strikes between the vents of position (2) will be full and round, with gated ring and controlled decay. Back beats hit in position (2) utilize the Snare Star's circular center to create a powerful diaphram that can be hit very hard for maximum volume without excessive sustain. Dead center (3) strikes and rolls will be the most staccato with controlled stick bounce, very little decay and greatest snare sensitivity. Strikes in position (4) near the vent or on the arm will be louder and have more decay and ring than position (2).



Shuffle patterns from position (1) to (2), or from (1) to (3) will have greater dynamics and sound variance. Your sticking patterns around the Snare Star will let you create more melodic distinction of your notes. Your own sticking patterns and playing techniques will have new sounds on the Badge, giving you more musical playing choices with your instrument. Learning to utilize the Snare Star's four strike zones will give you new musical options you never knew your drum had!



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