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The original universal Armourphragm™ vented impact pad that works on all drumheads

Improves drumhead durability and drumhead life. Patented design gates overtones and controls ring, but does not muffle drumhead. Increases attack and improves strike articulation with drum sticks or beaters. Mounts on top or underneath drumhead to work with brushes. Bonds permanently with high strength adhesive. And, the Uni-Badge glows in the dark!

Recommended for medium duty protection as a bass drum impact pad, and for ring control on floor toms, snare drums, and tom-toms 13" or greater in diameter.

Endorsed by: Tim Austin, Joe Nuñez, and John Richardson

Actual size: 5.50" diameter / made of .010" clear polycarbonate film
White glow-in-dark graphic design - MSRP: $10.95

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BB-550 - Introductory Prices

Slug Endorsing Artist Tim Austin (drummer for Buddy Guy), using the Uni-Badge on his snare drum.

Great for snare drums in the recording studio! Big 5 1/2" diameter is ideal for larger toms and floor toms to protect a larger strike zone and control unwanted drumhead distortions. Can also be used on bass drum heads with single or double beater foot pedals. Glows in the dark for better line sight on dark stages and for extra drumskin coolness!


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White ring graphic design glows in the dark after exposure to light.

Use the Uni-Badge on toms, snare, or bass drumheads, with single or double beater foot pedals.

Joe Nuñez (former drummer for Soulfly)

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