Model BB-675 for tom and bass drums

Actual Size: 6.75" diameter
.010" thick clear polycarbonate film

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The Batter Badge BB-675 Armourphragm™ vented impact pad is designed for protecting drumheads while enhancing and controlling drum sonics. The US Patent awarded design improves strike articulation, increases sound projection, and controls unwanted sound distortions. Greatly extends life of drumhead without muffling. Recommended for tom drumheads 12" or larger in diameter and also can be used with bass drumheads to alleviate beater impact damage. High strength adhesive backing mounts the BB-675 permanently on top or underneath any new condition drumhead.

Recommended for use on floor tom drumheads along with a MFT-222 Muffelt to limit overtones, increase attack, and control ring to produce a "thuddy" and punchy drum sound. This Muffelt-Badge floor tom combo also accentuates darker tones and shortens sound decay.


Available in a variety of exciting graphic designs. Can also be used on bass drums.

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Four different graphic designs!

Blue Baron, Flame, Red Target, Rose


Blue Baron






Red Target


There are Batter Badge designs available for all your drums!

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