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L3D-2T Power Head JAZZ PRO Beater - 2.75 ounces
Titanium tapered shaft. White or Red Head


L3D-2 PC Power Head PUNCH COLLAR Beater - 3.75 or 4.25 ounces
17-4PH Stainless Steel tapered shaft with either
• 1/2 oz. fixed weight with Red Head
• 1 oz. fixed weight with Silver Head

.5 oz collar $47.95

1 oz. collar $51.95

L3D-2 SS Power Head STANDARD Beater - 3.25 ounces
17-4PH Stainless Steel tapered shaft. Green, Black or Red Head


L3D-2 JR Power Head JUNIOR Beater - 3 ounces, 1 inch shorter shaft than Standard model 17-4PH Stainless Steel tapered shaft. Green Head


Power Head Beater Felt Pads replacement pads for all models / 5 per pack

Available only from Slug

$ 6.95

BB-TP Batter Badge TRIAD PAD™ for bass drum, Light-Medium play.

Ideal for minimal sound change. Mild attack improvement.


BB-TP-HD Batter Badge TRIAD PAD™ with Duro-Disk™ Gel impact pad

Ideal for thumpy, round fatness. Medium-Heavy play. Not clicky.


BB-TP-HD-F Batter Badge TRIAD PAD™ with Duro-Disk™ Felt impact pad

Ideal for driving punch and power. Heaviest play and most protection. Not clicky.


BB-535 Batter Badge Single Beater / Color: Red, Medium-Heavy play


BB-DBL Batter Badge Double Beater / Color: Silver, Light-Medium play


BB-675 Batter Badge Tom or Bass / Colors: Blue Baron, Flame, Red Target, Glow-in-Dark, Rose


BB-STR Batter Badge Snare Star / Color: Silver, thinnest thickness for snare drums


BB-550 Batter Badge Uni-Badge / Color: Glow-in-Dark, Universal for all drums


MFT-29 Muffelt for Bass drum Natural Wool Felt Strip 3" x 29" long


MFT-222 Muffelt for Floor Tom Natural Wool Felt Strip 2" x 22" long

Felt Cymbal Washers 1.5" dia. x 1/2" thick / grey color / 2 per pack
$ 3.95
Felt Cymbal Washers 1.5" dia. x 1/2" thick / grey color / 6 per pack

$ 9.95

L3D-1 Tweek Drumkey-clip - Black

$ 4.95

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