The 'indy car' version in the Power Head beater series. Featuring a patented tapered titanium shaft, designed to flex and whip into the bass drum head. The ultra light Jazz Pro is 1/2 ounce less in weight than the Standard model. This is a very fast playing beater and ideal for playing off of the bass drumhead and having the lightest and quickest foot feel possible. Ideal for gigs requiring 'feathering' and volume control. The Jazz Pro is like a 7A hickory drumstick for your foot!

Balance-tapered Shaft patented design improves foot feel and guaranteed bend proof.
Dual sided beater head for two bass drum sounds and two different playing feels.
Adjustable beater head rotates by hand without loosening shaft from foot pedal.
Self-adjusting head maximizes contact and adjusts to pedal shifting.
Works with all foot pedals and perfect for cowbell foot pedal set-ups.
Recommended with Batter Badge Armourphragm™ Impact Pads.


JAZZ PRO model L3D-2T

Tapered Shaft length: 6.5" Titanium

Total Beater Weight: 2.75 oz.

MSRP: $95.00 (US)

Head Color: White or Red

Power Head Care & Storage Tips

Power Head beater head repair service


Power Head Beater Felt Pads

Adhesive backed felt to replace worn felt pad on your Power Head Beater

Model BFP-5 / Beater Felt Pads - 5 pack

Retail Price: $6.95





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