1. ALWAYS HOLD TAPERED SHAFT WHEN TIGHTENING IN FOOT PEDAL. Do not hold beater by head when setting up in foot pedal. Hold the beater by the tapered shaft to prevent twisting when tightening the pedal's locking nut.

2. KEEP BEATER HEAD SQUARE TO DRUMHEAD AT ALL TIMES. Beaters played out of alignment wear out quicker. Pay attention to keeping your pedal squarely attached to the drum hoop during play.

3. DO NOT TWIST THE BEATER HEAD EXCESSIVELY. Although your beater is designed to turn 180 degrees, unnecessary and excessive twisting promotes cam wear. Use the rotating cam feature only as needed. Do not grind head back and forth, rotate one half turn smoothly until stop is felt.

4. STORE BEATER CAREFULLY. Do not store beater in contact with other equipment or twisted at odd angles. Direct blows from hardware to beater head can damage internal cam assembly components. Hardware edges can cut into and damage surface of the beater. Keep beater out of high temperatures that can melt felt adhesive.

5. NEVER CARRY PEDAL BY BEATER HEAD. This will grind the shaft inside the beater's head and damage the cam assembly.


Keep your beater in tip-top playing condition. Unlike other beater brands, Slug Power Head beaters can be reconditioned!

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Power Head Beater Felt Pads

Adhesive backed felt to replace worn felt pad on your Power Head Beater

Improved design with stronger adhesive!


Model BFP-5 / Beater Felt Pads - 5 pack





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