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~~~ Every Slug product has been made to improve your drumming and enhance your instrument's performance. In this age of copy-cat marketing strategies driven by cost cutting, Slug Percussion strives to make unique drum accessories having no equals... at any price! You will hear a difference in your drumming, and feel a difference in your playing using Slug products.

~~~ In 1992, the Tweek™ Drum Tuning Key-clip won the GOOD DESIGN Award from the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design. Slug Percussion Products officially started in March of 1995, with the introduction of a second product, the Power Head™ Bass Drum Beater. The Power Head Beater became the catalyst for a new line of products, the Batter Badge® Drumhead Impact Pads. These Slug products were designed by Slug Percussion Products Founder, Eric "Baron" Behrenfeld, and are manufactured in the United States.

~~~ Slug also offers percussion related felt products, including the Muffelt™ line of natural wool dampening strips for bass drumheads and floor toms. New accessories are developed continually; check back with us for new product announcements!

~~~ Slug was started out of the simple idea of making drum accessories that help a drummer perform flawlessly at a gig. Equipment should never be a problem or a handicap to a drummer's performance capability. Many existing drum products are poor representations for their real intended use. Cheap materials and poor quality comprise a sub-standard mass drum accessory market that is too commonly the only one available for the drumming community today. Many of these products in recent years have been geared toward making a bigger profit, rather than making the drummer more happy. If you have ever punched a hole in a bass drum head, bent a foot pedal beater shaft, lost a drumkey, and just have had enough with broken drum parts, then you can relate to the whole reason why Slug Percussion Products was started in the first place. Look for Slug products at finer drum and music shops all over the world.

~~~ Please visit the Slug Dealers web-page to locate where to buy Slug products from music retail stores, on-line internet dealers, or by mail order catalogs.


Slug supports the learning, playing, and preservation of all music forms, styles and genres. Honesty and equal opportunity is the foundation of our business practice.

All Slug products are made in the USA.

Eric 'Baron' Behrenfeld - Founder of Slug Percussion Products





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