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(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: How do I become a Slug Endorsing Artist?

A: Use Slug products and if you like them, and use them consistently, then Slug may grant an official endorser status after review of your professional musician credentials on an individual basis. Send your press kit to: Slug Artist Relations, Box 578306, Chicago, IL 60657-8306 USA (No materials can be returned after submission.) E-mails will not be responded to; you need to send a press kit for consideration.


Q: I don't live in the United States, how do I get Slug products?

A: Click on the Slug Dealers On-Line link to find a Slug dealer in your country. Many dealers now ship internationally as well.


Q: Do you have Slug stickers?

A: Yes, click on this link -


Q: Do Batter Badges deaden or muffle drumheads?

A: No. They are designed to protect the drumheads without muffling. Once properly applied, the adhesive backing bonds permanently to the drumhead. Batter Badges do increase sound projection and strike articulation while moderating excessive overtones and ring.


Q: How do you attach Batter Badges on drumheads?

A: Always use a new, tuned and properly seated drumhead prior to any placement of a Batter Badge impact pad. Place in the central area that you normally strike the drum. Use your previously played head as a guide. Also, point the "arms" of the Batter Badge symmetrically at the lugs for consistent tone. Peel the backing off one arm at a time, working toward the center. Hold by the edges only. Do not touch the adhesive with the fingers and do not lift up off of the drumhead once placed! Burnish down the Batter Badge with the tip of a drumstick, starting in the center and working out toward the arms. Carefully press out any air bubbles and make a uniform opacity across the entire drumhead surface that it is in contact with. Check tuning, you are ready to play!


Q: Do Batter Badges work on coated drumheads?

A: Yes, but some coated drumheads can peel. Coating varies by manufacturer, so make absolutely sure there is no loose coating or a poor coating application. Burnish the Batter Badge down with the tip of a drumstick really well on coated drumheads to create the best possible bond. In general, the better the quality of the coating, the better Batter Badges will work and not pull off with the coating.


Q: Do Batter Badges work on double-ply heads?

A: Yes. Double-ply drumheads also will have a darker, powerful tonal quality due to the drumhead taking a more powerful strike with the Batter Badge. Resonance will also be more controlled, and sustain will be slightly "gated". Always tune and properly seat a drumhead prior to any placement of a Batter Badge impact pad.


Q: How do I take a Batter Badge off of a drumhead?

A: Carefully use a hair dryer to warm the Badge (without melting the drumhead!) so the adhesive softens. Lift the Badge off of the drumhead, use duct tape to take off residual adhesive left behind.


Q: What is the Power Head beater Warranty?

A: 1 year on defective parts or assembly. Normal wear from playing is not covered. Shafts are guaranteed for lifetime to original purchaser. Send in your beater for repair with this form Slug Power Head Warranty Service Form.


Q: My Power Head beater head spins around - is it broken?

A: The internal cam-stop feature may be worn out. You can feel the internal stop when the beater head is turned to proper alignment. Position the beater in the foot pedal square to the drumhead only when the beater is in alignment. The word PATENTED on the shaft aligns with the beater sides, perpendicular to the hammer shaped surface of the beater. If you can't feel the stop which aligns the beater head, then the internal cam is worn out. For service on your Power Head beater, click on this Beater Repair Form link for reconditioning your beater. Also, visit the Power Head Care & Storage Tips link to keep your beater in top playing condition.


Q: Can I contact my favorite Slug endorsing artist through Slug Percussion?

A: No, all our endorsers private information is strictly confidential. Slug will not forward E-Mails or any other correspondence to an endorser.






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